My bike trips have always had a certain background, motivation, impulse. In the Balkans I had personal reasons. In the Balkans, I was first confronted with vivid Society- conflicts. My view as Germany Croat was very helpful to me. Depending on the situation I can choose freely. Do I prefer the "close" or "distance" relation to my opposite. Because the majority speaks Serbo-Croatian. Only in Greece and Albania no Slavic language is used. In Kosovo Albanian and Serb are mentioned as national language. Since the Kosovo conflict, however, the Serbian portion of the population is very low. The young state gained its independence in 2008 against Serbia. However, Serbia does not accept Kosovo as a state.

I began to experience that when I went to Kosovo. Across the Serbian border you don´t get an exit stamp, to Kosovo.

"There is no border"

So you have to face a problem if you enter Kosovo via Montenegro and you want to leave Kosovo to Serbia. At the border between Serbia and Croatia because the Entry-Stamp for Serbia is missing.  Then you´re in the political dilemma.

In the Balkans, the ethnic hatred among the population is still very present. Hatred is perhaps the wrong word, which in the past 25 years three wars prevailed in the Balkans. This word already speaks for itself.

There is strong nationalism in almost every Balkan country. For example, in Macedonia ....

Whether in the state of Macedonia, in the Greek part of Macedonia or the Bulgarian Macedonia, everyone is the better and more truthful Macedonians. Each sees itself as the direct descendants of Alexander the Great.

"... The others would like to be the only ..."

We hear from all sides. The Macedonian government in Skopje is working at its very historic cityscape. Pompous, new, old-looking Alexander statues decorate the city center. I am a simple tourist fell for the deception. I thought these sculptures splurge quite a few hundred years there. The local Albanians told me something different. The statues were built in order to create a common identity in Macedonia. A society should have a history, you are proud of and combines.

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